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Posted on: May 23, 2022

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If you have ever wondered what the benefits of starting your own blog would be, or if it’s something you would pursue, let’s discuss 7 benefits of starting a blog online.

Whether you want to become a professional blogger or blog part-time, blogging is a fantastic way to earn a decent living.

According to research created by Growthbadger.com, more than 3 billion blog posts are published each year worldwide. That’s 8.28 million blog posts published per day, and 5,750 blog posts published each minute. (2022, Internet Live Stats)

Starting your own blog has advantages that go beyond just earning an income. Blogging offers you the freedom to earn a decent living working from home.

Here are 7 amazing reasons why starting a blog in 2023 is a great move:

1. Work to your own schedule

Clock and calendar illustrations representing working to your own schedule
  • Say “goodbye” to the regular 9-5. If you’re getting the work done, you can work at any time. You can even work the regular 9-5 hours if that’s what you prefer. It’s up to you!
  • You have more flexibility. Moving your schedule around means you have more time for the other things you enjoy out of life such as spending more time with your family, going for a midday walk or catching up with a friend for coffee. Flexibility in your work schedule will help you maintain the best work/life balance.

2. Work from anywhere

Girl laying in hammock working on her laptop showing that you can work from anywhere
  • Work from home. If you are a big home body who loves being in the comforts of your own home, you can! All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you’re good to go.
  • You’re not tied to one location. You can work anywhere that you want such as your favorite café, the local library or even in the sun at a park! The beauty is you can mix it up, so you don’t have to get bored of the same location.
  • Travel while you work. Want to go visit family in a different city? Or explore another part of the world? No problem! You have the freedom to be able to do that if you wish.

3. Can be inexpensive

Income growth chart showing blogging income growing over time
  • Startup is low-cost. When starting out, you may only need to pay for a hosting site for your blog and a couple of extra plugins and the cost for these is quite low.
  • You can invest what you want. While spending more money may get you ahead quicker, there is no law saying you must pour heaps of money into your blog from the start. You can go at your own pace, sticking to your budget.
  • Your income grows with your blog. As your blog grows so will your revenue which you can reinvest a part of back into your business. Very quickly your blog will be able to support itself as well as you.

4. Pursue your passion

Girl sitting at a desk writing about her passion on paper
  • Write about your interest. You can write about anything! As long as it gets views, you will make an income. The sky is your limit!
  • Develop a strong following. Readers can sense whether you are passionate about the topic you are writing about and if they are passionate about it too, they will keep coming back to your blog.

5. Earn a passive income

A girl sleeping on a pillow with a bag of money next to her representing passive income
  • Revenue from ads. Many platforms such as Mediavine and Google ads pay you to display ads on your pages and the number of views is directly correlated with how much revenue you get.
  • Affiliate links. Signing up to be an affiliate with platforms such as Amazon can generate an income. When people use your link to purchase something using your affiliate link you earn a commission.
  • Earn while you sleep. Earning from ads and affiliate links happens after you’ve done all the hard work, so you just sit back and watch the revenue come in!

6. Working through the pandemic

Laptop graphic with work from home written on the screen
  • Control how you want to work. Blogging allows you to work where you want when you want and be your own boss. The Covid pandemic has shown us how quickly life can change with home schooling, working from home, and social distancing. All these set challenges are super difficult if you are not in charge. Owning your own business allows you to overcome many pandemic related obstacles that are thrown at you.

7. Creating an asset

Illustration of blog screen with pencil writing content
  • Evergreen Blogs. Evergreen content means the blog retains relevance long after it is first published. Blogs that include “how to” advice, reviews and answers to frequently asked questions will assist in the longevity of your blog, therefore readers will still be enjoying your content way after you first hit the publish button. A blog you wrote 10 years ago will still be making you money today!
  • Easy to update. Content that is underperforming or obsolete can easily get a makeover. Old content can be made relevant again with little effort. No need to delete old content. Instead, just regenerate it to ensure your blog content is forever growing.

To Conclude

These are just some of the many advantages of blogging for a business. There are many more that you will discover if you decide to go down the path of starting your own blog.

Being able to earn a living with the freedom around how you work will help you to build the best work/life balance you can dream of.

So, get started today and start to experience all these benefits for yourself!

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