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Posted on: May 30, 2022

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Creating fresh content can sometimes feel like a never-ending hamster wheel. Trying to keep up with social media, new trends, and life while running a blog can sometimes be exhausting. That’s why I’m sharing 7 easy ways to come up with blog content ideas, so you never run out of things to write about.

Running a blog is just like any other job, you need to show up consistently. Your audience expects you to deliver new and engaging content that will be helpful or entertaining regularly. Whether you do this weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, it is crucial to plan.

Creating great content your audience will want to read takes time and effort, so you want to make sure what you are sharing is worth writing about.

When I first started blogging, I struggled to know what my audience wanted. So, it was important to complete keyword research and ask them on my social media platforms like Instagram. Once I started sharing content, I could gauge what my audience liked by the engagement it received.

Here are 7 ways to come up with blog content ideas so you never run out of things to write about:

  1. Let keyword research feed your blog content ideas
  2. Use Google search to find blog topic ideas
  3. Let Pinterest inspire new blog ideas
  4. Use Google search console to come up with blog ideas your audience is already searching for
  5. Find inspiration for blog content ideas on similar blogs
  6. Find opportunities on YouTube for blog content ideas
  7. Write 101 guides for beginners

1. Let Keyword Research Feed Your Blog Content Ideas

Graphic of keyword research. A girl is pointing to a lightbulb and key to show keywords.

The use of keyword research is an excellent method for finding content gaps on the internet. You can use free or paid tools like Keywords Everywhere or KW Finder to find topics in your area of expertise.

With these tools, you can discover highly searched terms that have low content competition, which means you could rank high for them, and your blog would be found faster on the web.

It can be super useful to type in a simple term like 'Soup' for example. With the keyword tool, you can find lots of related ideas, such as 'Pumpkin soup', 'Potato and leek soup', or 'Tomato soup'. This is a fantastic way to come up with blog topics in your niche and write about what people are searching for.

To find out what the top results are for these terms, go to google and type them in. The title may be 'Thai pumpkin soup with coconut milk', which indicates that the blogger has used a long-tail keyword that is more likely to be found by Google through more specific search terms.

From here think about how you could make your pumpkin soup recipe unique. Are your readers vegetarian or vegan or dairy-free? You may decide to write your blog post as ‘Dairy-free pumpkin soup with coconut milk’.

In this article we dive in-depth about keyword research and how to use keywords correctly for your online business.

2. Use Google search to find blog topic ideas

Hand holding a smartphone with Google search open

Google search is a treasure mine for content ideas. When you need some fresh content ideas open Google and start typing in words that are related to your blog. You can see that by typing in the word 'pumpkin' Google started to suggest options to me before I was finished writing. This is content gold. Google is letting me know the top searches for the word 'pumpkin' for free.

Typing keyword Pumpkin into Google Search bar to see suggested drop down menu

From here I like to space bar then begin going through the alphabet to see what content ideas start to appear. When I typed the letter 'a', the content ideas began to flow. I could write blogs about pumpkin apple muffins, pumpkin and kumara soup, or pumpkin and feta salad.

Searing keywords Pumpkin in googles search bar with letter a behind it with dropdown menu suggestions below

When you click on any of these search terms Google will give you even more content ideas by sharing related searches that people made. These are mostly long-tail keywords, which could help you rank higher on Google by being more specific with your title.

Related search bubbles that are found at the bottom of Google search pages

You could then input these search terms into a keyword tool to see how difficult they are to rank for, or you can just start writing with your audience in mind. It is important to remember that keywords are only one method of traffic.

3. Let Pinterest inspire new blog ideas

Pinterest logo

If you have a blog or are considering starting a blog, you should be using Pinterest! Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic to blogs all over the globe. People go to Pinterest to find delicious recipes, DIY ideas, hacks, travel inspiration, home DIY ideas and so much more.

Your audience is probably searching for new content on Pinterest. Pinterest shared that a whopping 433 million people use Pinterest every month to find new ideas or products.

With that high level of use, it's clear that Pinterest is a great place to go to find new content ideas for your blog.

Pinterest is a search engine platform, unlike Instagram and TikTok which works by algorithms so you can use this to your advantage by searching ideas like Google.

Pinterest will feed you top search results under the search bar giving you lots of inspiration for blog content. Go through each letter of the alphabet to get a full spectrum of ideas.

Additionally, you can browse your Pinterest feed to see what's trending, and what other bloggers are writing about, and think of ways to create better content.

4. Use Google Search Console To Come Up With Blog Ideas Your Audience Is Already Searching For

Webpage with Google logo, setting bolts and a search bar representing Google Search Console

If you have had your blog for a while now but need some fresh inspiration your Google Search Console may be able to spark some ideas. Google Search Console is an amazing resource to help you understand your audience and what they are looking for.

Head over to Google Search Console and add your website if you haven’t set yourself up yet.

On the left-hand side click on search results to see what queries your audience is finding you from. This can be a great way to discover new content ideas that you know your readers will find value from.

What are some of the blogs your audience is viewing most often? Can you make content around the same topics? You may see some keyword terms that you can easily write content about.

5. Find Inspiration For Blog Content Ideas On Similar Blogs

Girl with laptop standing in front of a long blog post article

What are similar blogs to yours writing about? Can you find inspiration to write something better for your audience? This is a great way to stay relevant, find new content ideas and make better content for all web users.

Visit some of these similar blogs and create a list of all the topic ideas that stand out to you for inspiration. Maybe you want to check these keywords in a tool or just add your spin to the topic and start writing for your audience.

6. Find Opportunities On YouTube For Blog Content Ideas

YouTube video frame with Youtube logo inside

Sharyn shared this tip with me a while ago and I think it's brilliant. Head over to YouTube and search for topics related to your blog. You can find popular videos on YouTube and then write posts based on them. Readers would likely be interested in these ideas too not just video viewers.

Always remember to find inspiration from other content creators but don’t copy them!

Think of ways that you can provide more value to your audience. It may be a how-to tutorial, so adding a printable how-to card to the blog post would allow your readers to print out the instructions rather than stopping and starting a video.

7. Write 101 Guides For Beginners

Tour guide showing around a guest of people showing that they have lots of knowledge in an area

You can write 101 guides, guides for beginners, and the ultimate guides to. This style demonstrates that you're an expert in this field, and readers can expect to learn everything they need to know in these lengthy, informative posts.

From here you can get into more detail about the topics listed in the guide. You are showing not only Google but also your readers that you know what you are talking about.

Plus, writing a post like this is likely to spark many relevant content ideas for future posts that you can internally link creating more Google juice for your blog.

To Sum Up

Running a blog is always about creating great content that brings value to your readers, but it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by its tasks. Don’t let coming up with fresh content ideas become overwhelming when it doesn’t have to be. I hope these 7 ways to come up with blog content ideas have given you plenty of inspiration to start writing amazing content for your blog.

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