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Posted on: May 23, 2022

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Investing in your blog is imperative when you want to grow your audience and overall income. There are many ways to invest in your blog to make it better, however, one of the best ways to invest in your business is to invest in you!  

You are the force driving your blog forward and the voice that makes readers want to read and come back to your blog so it makes sense that investing in your own learning will improve your blog over time, doesn’t it?  

This post discusses 5 reasons why you should start investing in your learning when starting a blog.  

Here are 5 different ways investing in your learning is essential when starting a blog: 

  1. Investing in learning from experienced people saves you time and money
  2. You're up with the latest trends
  3. Get invited into a community that can help you
  4. You can always have courses there for reference
  5. Professional development

1. Investing in learning from experienced people saves you time and money  

People climbing up a bar chart together showing that they are working together to succeed
  • Get from A-B faster and cheaper. When we are just starting out, it is normal to make heaps of mistakes. While mistakes help you learn they can also waste a lot of time and money!  
    Learning from people who are experienced in the field can help you to avoid a lot of these mistakes and help you create the best possible blog for you.  
  • Learn useful tips. Course creators and professionals give you ideas about things you may never even have thought of that can help you and your blog. There is no loss when learning from the best! 
  • Stress less. Having help from someone who has done what you’re doing before can help you feel more comfortable knowing what your next step is and if you’re doing it right. Confirmation that you’re on the right track can really calm you down.  

2. You’re up with the latest trends 

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  • Stay up to date. On the internet, things change all the time. Sometimes it can seem like you’re drowning in a sea of change and don’t know how to keep up with it! 

Course creators can sometimes offer you a safety boat when it comes to the constant changing of the internet as they keep you up with the latest trends as well as things changing on different platforms and technology.  

For example, if Pinterest or Instagram were to change overnight, course creators seem to always be in the know how and will be able to update you on these changes almost instantly.  

3. Get Invited Into A Community That Can Help You 

World map with people connected through the internet from around the globe
  • Learn from people who have been in your shoes. Sometimes joining courses can allow you access to community pages/groups that you can lean on for questions you have or even learn from what other people have done.  
    People in the community constantly share their ideas so that you can learn what to do for your own blog. 
  • Have support. Trying to start up a blog solo can be stressful! People within the community ask for help and provide support to one another so that they too can have the best experience when creating a blog. Being able to lean on likeminded people that have been in your shoes before really helps you get the support you need to grow an amazing business! 
  • Get answers faster. If the course creator isn’t available to help you right away, you will have a community of people offering help to find the solutions that you need.  

4. You Can Always Have Courses There For Reference 

Laptop with play button on screen and paper filled with notes to show online learning
  • Get all the key notes. Taking an online course is not like going to a seminar where you can’t take everything in. You can rewatch the courses as many times as you like, whenever you like, pause them to take notes and have them constantly open as a reference.  

You can get the best out of online courses.  

5. Professional Development 

Laptop with books and light bulb showing knowledge and learning from online
  • Improve your skills. Learning new things not only grows your business but it improves you as well. These skills can be added to your C.V. and help you become the best at what you do.  

To Sum up 

Investing in your learning is the best way to invest in your blog. It will help you get ahead faster and will save you money down the track. 

Not only that but it improves you and your own skills. 

So, get out there and get learning! 

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