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Posted on: October 6, 2022

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The Keywords everywhere chrome extension is a tool that allows you to quickly obtain information about keywords such as their Search Volume (i.e., how many people search for that keyword per month), Cost per Click (CPC), Competition and the Trend Data.

Using keywords is invaluable when and optimising your webpage for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The problem is, finding highly searched for keywords can take a lot of time and energy if you are doing all the research yourself.

The Keywords Everywhere tool can save you an enormous amount of time gathering information on keywords and webpages, and it is super easy to use.

Keywords Everywhere also allows you to pay as you go. Instead of paying a subscription and potentially paying when you are not using it, the Keywords Everywhere tool allows you to pay for credits which you use up as you do your keyword research.

Download keywords everywhere to add it to your chrome extension.

In this post, I will cover 5 tips on how to use Keywords Everywhere when doing SEO research. 

  1. Using the Google search bar to see the search volume of keywords
  2. Using the related keyword boxes after a google search
  3. Using My Favourite Keywords in the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension
  4. Checking the keywords that competitor sites rank for
  5. Save My Favourite Keywords as an Excel file

Turning on the Keywords Everywhere chrome extension

You will have to enable the Keywords Everywhere chrome extension on your browser to be able to access the features Keywords Everywhere gives you.

To do this,

1. Find the Keywords Everywhere chrome extension on your browser. It should be on the top right next to the search bar. It will be greyed out if inactive.

Close up of Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

2. Click the Keywords Everywhere tool button to open the Keywords everywhere tab.

Clicking on Keywords Everywhere extension button to open the tab

3. Click the off button to turn the Keywords Everywhere tool on.

Clicking the off button to turn Keywords Everywhere on

Note: When you finished using the Keywords Everywhere tool, turn it off. Turning it off saves you from using your credits on searches you don’t want to pay for.

1. Using the Google search bar to see the search volume of keywords

Typing a search term (keyword) into Google and doing a search allows you to see the search volume for that keyword.

For example, typing in the search term “the best cat breed” shows a search volume of 320 per month which can be seen directly under the Google search bar. It also shows the cost per click and the competition of the keyword.

Searching "the best cat breed" in the Google search bar. Seen under the search bar are Keyword everywhere statistics

Additionally, when typing a search term into Google, Google automatically shows a drop-down list of related search terms that are popular. The Keywords Everywhere chrome extension allows you to see the search volume of search terms (keywords) in the Google search bar itself as well as this drop-down list of related search terms. Again, it also shows the CPC and the Competition of those keywords.

For example, if you wanted to write a blog post about “the best cat breed” and you started to type this into the Google search bar. Google shows related search terms as well as their corresponding search volumes, CPC, and competition.

Google search bar showing related search terms with search volumes, CPC, and competition next to them

Looking at the example above, there are search terms that have a higher search volume than “the best cat breed”. If you were trying to increase traffic to your post, using the search term “most popular cat breeds” will gain you more potential traffic as it has a higher search volume of 2,900 a month.

Note: Your website will have a better chance at ranking on the Google search page for the higher searched keywords if it is more established. This is because it can compete with other larger websites that could be competing for the same keyword. If you are relatively new to blogging, it is wiser to start off with lower searched for keywords so that it is more likely you will rank for that search term.

This provides a very quick and easy way to see if certain search terms are worth using to promote SEO for your website.

2. Using the related keyword boxes after a google search

After doing a Google search on a keyword in Google, information is shown to the right of the google search results about the metrics of the keyword and other highly searched for keywords.

Google page showing "the best cat breed" with Keywords Everywhere metrics and other keyword suggestions on the right side of the page

The box at the top show the keywords metrics such as the SEO, Off-Page, and On-Page difficulty. I cover what SEO difficulty is in my post What is Keyword Research?.

Underneath the keyword metrics there are boxes that show, Related Keywords, People Also Search For and Long-Tail Keywords. These boxes show other keywords that could be used to improve the ranking of your website and/or webpage. These can be starred and stored in your Favourite Keywords.

3. Using My Favourite Keywords in the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

My Favourite Keywords is a feature on the Keywords Everywhere tool that allows you to star the keywords that interest you when doing research and saving them.

Next to all keywords in the Google search results page, there is a grey star.

Keywords everywhere keywords with grey stars next to them

If the keyword is one that is of interest to you, you can click on the star, and it will turn gold to show that it has been selected and saved as one of your favourite keywords. For example, if “most popular cat breeds” was selected it will show up as a favourite keyword with a gold star.

Keywords Everywhere search results with a gold star selected to add to a favourites list

These selected keywords are then sent to My Favourite Keywords and stored in a list.

To get to the My Favourite Keywords list:

1. Select the Keywords Everywhere Tool icon on the top right of the browser.

Selecting the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension button

2. Select My Favourite Keywords from the list that pops up.

Opening up Keywords Everywhere list and selecting the "My Favourite Keywords" list

You will then see a list of the keywords you have starred. In the example below, other keywords have been starred and added to the My Favourite Keywords list.

My favourite keywords list with all the starred keywords for "best cat breeds"

You can then sort by Search Volume, CPC, Competition and Trend.

Tip: One great way to save this information for later is to download it as an Excel spreadsheet and save it where you will be easily able to find it.

4. Checking the keywords that competitor sites rank for

One great way to find highly searched for keywords is to look at the keywords the top webpages are ranking for. These are the webpages that appear at the top of the Google search results after searching a keyword.

To do this follow the steps outlined below.

1. Do a Google search on a topic of interest. For this example, the keyword “most popular cat breeds” is used.

Searching "most popular cat breeds" on Google

2. Scroll past the ads until you get to the Google Results

Scrolling down the Google page to find the Google results for the keywords

On the top of each page result for your search, there should be statistics.

3. Locate the statistics next to Kw.

Where to locate the webpages Kw statistics on Google

4. Hover your mouse over the stats next to Kw so that an information box pops up.

Hovering over the Kw data to open the webpages information box

5. Select the stats under the option Total Keywords.

How to select a webpages top keywords using Keywords Everywhere

A list of keywords from that page will be displayed by Keywords Everywhere.

List of keywords from a website page

6. You can now scroll through these keywords and star any of interest so that they will be saved to My Favourite Keywords.

5. Save My Favourite Keywords as an Excel file

Downloading and saving My Favourite Keywords as an Excel file, is a great way to save the keywords you have found for later.

To open this information as an Excel spreadsheet.

1. Select the Excel option.

Showing where the Excel button is to export my favourite keywords list

This will then download the information to an Excel spreadsheet.

You will then be able to open your information within Excel.

2. Select Enable Editing to be able to Save and edit within Excel.

Showing where the enable editing button in Excel after opening exported Keywords Everywhere data

Tip: Save this file in a location you will be able to easily locate later.

To Sum up

Keywords Everywhere is an amazing tool that helps you to optimise your keyword research while saving time and getting you accurate statistics.

These 5 tips are only a few of the ways you can use the Keywords Everywhere tool to optimise your keyword research and SEO.

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