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Posted on: December 7, 2022

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Creating a notion workspace for your blog planning can be super helpful for your business. Notion is a database tool that creates a space in which you can organise your thoughts, write important information and manage your blog.

Whether you’re blogging on your own or in a team, notion is a place that can store all your important information and it is easy to navigate and customise to fit your specific needs.

There are many reasons why you should use Notion for your blog planning, and in this blog, I will use Ice Cream as an example to show you 5 reasons why.

  1. Create a notion workspace for your blog content
  2. Add internal and external links to the notion database
  3. Notion is accessible as both an app and online, so you can log on from any device which includes your phone.
  4. View your information in different ways within a Notion workspace
  5. Notion team databases

1. Create a Notion workspace for your blog content

Whether you have started or are thinking about starting a blog, keeping track of all the information can be overwhelming. It is important to store information on your blogs where you can easily find it later down the track. Notion has proven to be an extremely helpful tool for not only the Making Living Lovely team but our other blogs Excel at Work and Makyla Creates when it comes to storing data.

Since we have lots of separate blogs to manage, keeping track of where all the information is would be impossible if we didn’t record it. Notion has helped us keep on top of our hundreds of blogs and ensure they get the attention they need to stay relevant.

While Notion is a database it also is also comprised of smaller databases within itself. Within these smaller databases you can create cards. Cards are individual pages where you can add and store information about a certain topic.

We have created a blog post database where each individual blog has its own card dedicated to it. The information we have stored on a blog card includes but is not limited to the blog title, keywords, URL, publish date, file location, its progress and affiliate links.

Not only is Notion good for recording this information, but it also reduces the need for multiple tools to track your current projects and progress. It is an all-in-one tool that can hold all your blogging data in one single space. This will save you lots of time and confusion when working on your blog.

2. Add internal and external links to the Notion database

You can store links within Notion to external websites for easy, quick access. For example, within a blog card, you can add a link to your blog URL. This means you can quickly click the link and view the blog page without needing to open the web browser and search for the page on your blog.

You can also add external links to other websites such as your YouTube videos. These options make it easy to share within Notion.

If you use One Drive or Google Drive to store your files, these links from the folders can be copied over into the blog cards in Notion. This makes it super easy for you and your team to locate related files which saves you time and prevents you from losing important data.

It is also possible to internally link within Notion to other databases that have been created. For example, at Excel at Work we also have a database within Notion that is dedicated to our YouTube content where each YouTube video has its own card. A lot of the time our YouTube content is based off a blog we have written or vice versa. When YouTube videos and blog content go together, we like to link our YouTube card to the related blog card to make it easy to find and refer to.

3. Notion is accessible as both an app and online, so you can log on from any device which includes your phone.

When you’re running an online business, having access to all your data and files is essential. Notion can be downloaded onto your desktop or phone as an app as well as being accessible online.

Being able to log onto Notion online means that you can access it from any device and location. This can be helpful as if you find yourself in a situation without your main device, that it doesn’t mean you will not be able to access the information in Notion.

Download Notion for Mac & Windows
Download Notion for IOS and Android

4. View your information in different ways within a Notion workspace

Many planning and database tools don’t have the ability for you to customise your data how you want it to look. Notion allows you to create a table of data that is customisable to your needs. This can then be viewed as a board with multiple cards, lists, a gallery, in a timeline or even as a calendar.

For example, at Making Living Lovely we like to set our previously published and up and coming blogs in a calendar view. This makes it easier for us to visualise when blogs have been published and when the next ones need to go live. This helps us stick to our deadlines and posting schedules.

A task list can be created in Notion to help you, or team members manage their workload. At Making Living Lovely we have a task list database that is split into tabs, each tab is dedicated to a team member. This makes it easy for each team member to see their assigned tasks.

If you like to plan out your daily work schedule you can create a checkable to do list. This allows you to check off tasks once they are done so that you can keep on top of your workload.

5. Notion team databases

You can add team members to the same database in Notion so everyone can see live updates, be tagged in comments, and assigned tasks. This makes it easy for team members to work remotely and have all the information they need to complete tasks and projects.

Your team will also receive emails when they get notifications on Notion. When combined these notifications and emails make sure that nothing is missed.

To Sum up

Whether you’re working for yourself or in a team, Notion is an excellent tool to manage your blog as well as other projects. The all-in-one approach allows you to easily keep track of all your information and projects without feeling overwhelmed. It also is a good way to keep your team updated and on track.

If you enjoy planning and staying organised check out our post on 5 reasons why you should use a calendar to create a daily work schedule. 

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